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Panama's Boquete, Chiriqui

The district of Boquete with a population of around 15,000 lies is the verdant cloud-forested highlands of the western most province of Panama; Chiriqui. Boquete was founded in 1911 by settlers from other districts of Panama, as well as Swiss, German, Yugoslav, Swedish and North American immigrants. For this reason, the Boquete remains a district with an Alpine feeling, having architectural styles particular to those settlers from Europe.

The Boquete lies in the highlands of the Chiriqui Province, which is bordered by Costa Rica to the west, Veraguas Province to the east, Bocas del Toro province to the north and by the pacific on the southern coast. To arrive in Boquete, one may take the road from the lowland city of David in Chiriqui province. From Costa Rica, the Pan-American highway passes through David on its way to Panama City. From Panama city, the drive to David is approximately 7 hours. If road travel leaves you anxious, there is always the option to take a small chartered flight from Panama City to David and then on to the Boquete. In any fashion you decide to arrive, this magnificent region of lush vegetation and diverse fauna will make it markedly difficult to leave.

Long known as a get away by Panamanians, the Boquete has only recently become acknowledged on the world stage as being a top destination. The Boquete has something for everyone, it seems. For avid ornithologists, there is the possibility of exploring the lush cloudforest for glimpses of some of the more rare birds Panama has to offer. The Boquete region is home to one of the most beautiful birds in the world, the Quetzal. If your interests lie with the flowers, then visit the Boquete to peruse its abundant flora. Some names synonymous with beauty that can be found here are lilies, hibiscus, roses, carnations, sunflowers and orchids. If it is adventure you seek, then the Boquete has something even to offer you. Ranging from world class white water rafting in the rivers flowing down from the Volcan Baru, to Cloudforest Adventures and hiking, the Boquete has something for every outdoors person. An early morning hike up to the top of the dormant Volcan Baru, Panama's highest peak (3,475m), will leave even the amateur adventurer breath taken with a glimpse of a sun drenched horizon and both oceans.

But above all, who can deny the addictive temptation of world class coffee from the Boquete. Warm air rises from the lowlands and mixes with the cold air of the highlands, creating the perfect temperate climate for coffee plantations. For nearly 100 years, coffee has been grown on the mountainsides of the Boquete region which provides perfect beans for a delicious cup of coffee. The Boquete's grain quality is known as the best in Panama, an honor which no doubt can qualify it amongst the best in the world.

The best times to visit the Boquete vary depending on what type of trip you have planned, but the "dry" season (January-April) is always a safe bet. If you are looking for adventure on the water, then the rainy season from May-December will quench your thirst for Class IV rapids. If it is the magnificent Quetzal that you seek, then visiting the Boquete during breeding season (February-May) will be advisable. Though, no matter what the reason for visiting is, be it for outdoor adventure or calm relaxation, the Boquete is certainly a paradise that deserves attention.

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